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Garden Center Closeout

Now is a great time to stock up on your garden essentials at closeout pricing. Help us get rid of our 2017 inventory!



The Feed Bin is a locally owned feed store with a small country appeal.  Our selection of products are carefully chosen to meet the nutritional needs of most household pets and livestock.  Our knowledgable staff can assist in answering your questions about special dietary needs, suppliments and resources.       

Monthly Specials

June Specials:

​10% OFF 4th of July Calming Products

10% OFF Flea, Tick and Fly Products

                           Game Schedule






UPS Drop Off & Pick Up

We are now a drop off AND pick up location for UPS packages.  Ship your package(s) at your next trip to The Feed Bin!!

Additional Services


We are excited to offer more services:

  * Oaktree Sharpening & Clipper Repair

  * Naked Horse Blanket Wash & Repair

  * Azure Standard Drop Location 

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